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FCS UL-5 . Ultra light thruster set

FCS UL-5 . Ultra light thruster set

FCS Thruster set (3 fins)

style- UL-5

The NEW UL Series fins (UL3, UL5 & UL7) utilize ultralight construction that has been developed by FCS to create the lightest possible fin while ensuring strength, foil accuracy and superior flex properties! The NEW FCS UL Fins minimize weight without sacrificing response of flex and strength, the UL Fins deliver exceptional all-round performance that can't be beat! GET THEM NOW! The FCS UL3, UL5 and UL7 WILL be the HOTTEST Fins of the season!

FCS UL5 Fin Size:
Side Base: 4.37 in. 111 mm
Side Depth: 4.55 in. 115 mm
Surface Area: 14.76 in.² 9525 mm²
Sweep: 33°

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